"House Of Whores"




Directed By: Daniel Murphy, Tom Komisar & Paul Arnone


          A douchebag porn director (RJ Cecott), out to make double-fisting history with three kind-of-willing actresses (Maelle Cai Vane, Lindsey McIntire and the impossibly hot Linda Schrader) are the targets of a very rude home invasion by three clown-masked psychos that would make ICP piss themselves in fear. So goes the story of "House of Whores" the new feature from HM&M ("And Then You Die", "Night of the Dolls"), and while the film proper is thin on plot, it more than makes up for it with a stream of extremely brutal and nasty set pieces that not only push the boundaries of good taste, it backs a steam roller over those fuckers for good measure!


          Featuring a fucking awesome psychedelic opening sequence, and plenty of musical/graphic interludes (with music and images by underground "horror-core" vixen Nurse Hatchet) that bring to mind "House of 1000 Corpses", the flick gets cooking right away, with the trio of sadistic clowns, Shago, Slasho, and Smasho (played by the sick fucks who directed this picture) inflicting all manner of indignities upon the unfortunate pornstars. Anal trauma, all manner of twisted sodomy and a cheese grater incident that will induce some serious winces from anyone with a penis, Murphy, Komisar and Arnone should probably, at the very least, be subject to a psychiatric evaluation, if not some sort of incarceration. Seriously, these fucks are SICK!


          All kidding aside, there's a lot to like about this film. It manages to not only make you a tad bit uncomfortable, but it also maintains a very disturbing sense of "whimsy" throughout. This gang of miscreants has worked together before and it shows--everyone brings their acting "A-Game", and despite the extreme (fuck! I hate using that word, but nothing else fits here) subject matter, everyone seems to be relishing the opportunity to misbehave on camera. The ladies, in particular, should be commended for what had to be a harrowing shoot at times.


          No technical gripes--even sound, clear shots, and great lighting abound here, and the seamless cutaways to the goofy sound effects, and killer musical sequences keep things moving at a very crisp pace. There's also a pretty cool "shocker" ending. All in all, "House of Whores" is a very admirable entry into the "Torture porn/Extreme cinema" sub-genre. I give a 9/10 just for being a motherfucker of a sick, twisted, reprehensible good time.


          I, for one, will never look at these guys the same again...


9/10--Scream King Tom