"See No Evil 2"



Directed By: Jen & Sylvia Soska

Written By: Nathan Brookes & Bobby Lee Darby

Produced by: Michael Luisi


When Amy’s (Danielle Harris) friends surprise her for her birthday, what could possibly go wrong..in the city morgue? Little did they know what the night had in store for them!

WWE Superstar Kane, portrays a one-eyed deranged psychotic murderer and turns Amy’s surprise birthday party into a blood-bath. The movie is set to take place immediately following its prequel, where Jacob Goodnight (Kane) and his victims are being taken to the morgue.

Goodnight mysteriously rises to resume his murderous route. With the movie being set in the city morgue, he has an exciting stock of medical paraphernalia, such as hooks and power tools, as his disposal. With the sequel to See No Evil I, brace yourself for 90 minutes of suspense, blood-shed..and yes, even romance, as we see Seth’s (Kaj-Erik Eriksen) crush on Amy in the forefront.

The Soska Sisters crushed my expectations with the way they directed this blood saturated slasher! The sequel surpasses its successor and had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. This is one movie you won’t want to watch alone.


---Brooklynn Montgomery