Directed By: Anthony Cantanese


          With an opening scene featuring "anal carnage", it's pretty easy to see where a film like "Sodomaniac" is headed. Rife with crude jokes, misogynistic douchebags, and of course, plenty of the aforementioned anal trauma, "Sodomaniac" doesn't aim for some lofty art-house goal, but rather, wallows in it's own questionable taste, the film aims for, and achieves a "fart-house" goal, if you will.


          A ass-masked killer is stalking Hamilton (Craig Kelly) and his band of sexist, miscreant, "bros", dispatching the members of his circle of friends by, literally, sodomizing them to death. Director Cantanese manages to pull off a surprisingly effective "whodunit" by keeping the viewer guessing--is it a vengeful date-rape victim? The picked on outsider?? The loser of the group Derrick (Allen Sconza)??? All this, and more, is revealed as this off the wall, splat-stick horror/comedy gets cooking.


          A great group chemistry is exhibited by the cast, besides Kelly and Sconza really tearing it up, Nick Guzman and Nicole Hamilton also conjure up some excellent comedic timing and this, combined with the talents of the rest of cast, makes for an butt-load of quality laughs (and more than few groans and eyerolls!). Clever kills, beautiful effects, and a "play it totally straight" vibe from the script make this film a cut above most projects in this tax bracket.


          Bottom line-"Sodomaniac" is the type of film that you can see developing a cult like following, it's got all of the ingredients, and it's original, and written well enough, that you can absolutely see horror geeks quoting from it like "Caddyshack" and referencing scenes from it years from now.


          "Sodomaniac" is a hilarious, wince inducing, gory, trip through the backdoor of low-budget indie horror! See it! And don't forget to wipe!


9/10--Scream King Tom