"The Hospital 2"



Written & Directed By: Jim O'Rear and Daniel Emery Taylor


        In the modestly budgeted sequel to their underground hit "The Hospital", Deviant Pictures duo Jim O'Rear and Daniel Emery Taylor return as Alan and Stanley, the sadistic duo, bent on more rape and snuff for profit.


          While their professions may have remained the same, the locale has changed. With the help of his incestuous daughter Samantha (the beautiful and twisted Megan Emerick), Alan and his cohort have set up shop in a secluded women's shelter, giving them a convenient pool to pull victims from. Stanley, however, can't let the past stay dead, and soon begins stalking Skye (Betsy Rue) and Beth (Constance Medrano) the two survivors from the first outing, along with their roommate Mandy (Lara Piacquadio, who is exceptional in her limited role).


          O'Rear is at his brutal best, delivering an even more repugnant performance than in the first film, no small feat, and the frightful glee that Emerick brings to the table is reminiscent of Sheri Moon-Zombie. Great turns by the very talented Rue and Medrano, as well as the terrific Debbie Rochon and Tom Komisar as Skye's unfortunate parents, make this sequel far superior in terms of production than it's predecessor. Taylor, again, makes your skin crawl with every frame as the brutish oaf Stanley, hacking and slashing his way to his own bloody redemption.


          Plot-wise, things are pretty straightforward, and by doing so, the filmmakers avoided what was the biggest knock on "The Hospital", the muddled, confusing direction of the final act. This is equal parts "torture porn" and "revenge shocker", all mixed together with violent, gore filled scripting, and it all rolls forward to a satisfying, mean spirited conclusion. This just may be the "Empire" of micro-budget horror.


          "The Hospital 2" is a cringe inducing, stomach turning, "What the fuck?" film that will  slap you in the face with it's sheer audacity. Even the most seasoned gorehound/exploitation enthusiast will think "how dare they?", well, they just did, and you just watched it. And it was just as fucked up as you thought. Sleep on that Nancy-boy.


8.5/10--Scream King Tom