NerdRemix Horror Hottie of the Month-September 2011


Jessica Cameron




Selected Filmography:

Potpourri, Legend of The Grassman, Cut, Hell-o-ween, Camel Spiders, Resurrection, Mother's Blood, Post Mortem America 2021. Caught: The Web series, Aidan 5: The Web series, and many more.

Fave Horror Film:
I thought it was a brilliant ghost story that kept me on the edge of my seat.

Fave Musician/Band: 

Bon Jovi, they are just classic!

Hedley, GO CANADA!

80's Madonna, Kesha and Lady Gaga.

Inspires Me:
My parents. They were the most compassionate, caring and kind individuals I have ever known. Not to mention the hardest working people I have ever met. I am very much my "Father's Daughter" according to those who knew him. They taught me how to pursue my passion with every fiber of my being and how to never give up. They have both sadly passed away, so I like to think that I know have the greatest guardian angels who watch over me.

Makes Me Smile:
My beautiful nieces and god daughter who are up in
I keep up with them through facebook and skype. Thankfully these advances in technology make it easy to stay in touch. 
Kids are great and will always be honest with you; they simply don't know any other option.

Makes Me Want To Kill:
People who lie and misrepresent themselves.
Sadly the "business” has far too many of these, and checking references is vital.
And anyone who hurts someone I care about.
I am petite (5'4"), but seriously you do not want to mess with me; it’s the little ones that you have to watch out for!

My Horror Icon:

Jamie Lee Curtis. She has been a part of so many iconic films, and has such an amazing career. 

I Would Re-Make:
The Blob

I'm gearing up for Halloween next month by:

Debating on my Halloween costume....Rainbow Bright or Jessica Rabbit.


About Me and My Latest Project:

AIdan 5 is an awesome science fiction web series. My character is unlike any others that I have played before...


2 Doors Down is a comedy web series in which I play a new age hairstylist who moves 2 doors down from her boyfriends ex-wife.

Potpourri is a horror film in which I play a Princess who has lost control of her kingdom. It premieres in Oct.


Mr.Hush is a classic tale of good versus Evil. It just had a limited theatrical release. Stay tuned for info on where to find it 


Camel Spiders will be premiering on the SyFy channel in the next few months. I will be sure to let you know when.


Post Mortem America, 2021 is a neo-western revenge thriller about a woman hell-bent on settling scores, no matter the price or consequence. Chapter 1 is available here:

(I am in chapter 2, to be released soon)


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