NerdRemix Horror Hottie of the Month-November 2011



Monique “The Original Gata” Dupree



Selected Filmography:Plan 9

 Bachelor Party in the Bungalow of the damned

Lean on Me

Post Mortem America 2021

Step Up 3-d

Skeleton Key 2 and 3

Satan Hates You

Royal Pains

No Strings 2

Bikini Bloodbath Christmas

Timo Roses' Best


East Fifth Bliss

Law and Order

Pot Zombies


Fave Horror Film: Audition



Fave Musician/Band: other than my band Negro Childe, I'd say Prince



Inspires Me: my family/watching Anthony Hopkins or Pam Grier



Makes Me Smile: my babies



Makes Me Want To Kill: stupid and close minded people



My Horror Icon: Tony Todd, hands down



I Would Re-Make: COFFY



I Am Thankful This Month For: being able to be the freak that I am and actually blend in with everyone who's pretending to be a freak!










Monique Dupree in Shadowhunters:Lost



Monique Dupree in wikipedia



Monique Dupree on IMDB



Monique Dupree in: The Good Parts short film



Monique Dupree Reel