NerdRemix Horror Hottie of the Month-December 2011



Ms. Pretty Poison


Selected Filmography:

 Afterparty Massacre (

She Devils A Go-Go
Tetherball: The movie

I'm on IMDB as Cassandra Baun!

I've also been in some music videos as well! I just filmed one for Hollywood Undead that should be out soon!


Fave Horror Film:
I'd have to say Brain Damage might be my all time favorite. Jaws, Pet Sematary, some but not all of the Halloween movies, Friday the 13th movies, just about all of the Child's Play movies and Blood Feast are all ones I can watch repetitively and without get sick of them...



Fave Musician/Band:

I'm a big fan of Face to Face! Alkaline Trio, Electric Light Orchestra and Failure are all really high up on my list too. I tend to listen to the stuff I liked in High School as opposed to anything new.



Inspires Me:

People who are creative. Let the things you love inspire you and put something in the world that wasn't there before. John Waters, Dario Argento and David Lynch inspire me as far as films go. As far as my modeling goes there are so many people/places/things that inspire my shoots. Too many to name!



Makes Me Smile:

Puppies, video games, buying new shoes, makeup and Jim Beam.



Makes Me Want To Kill:

Just about everything else! hahaha



My Horror Icon:
Jason Vorhees!



I would Re-Make:

First of all let me say that I fucking hate re-makes. I'm kinda tired of them, but if I HAD TO re-make a movie I'd pick Gremlins. I think if the right combo of puppetry and CGI was used it could be kinda awesome. As long as the gal picked to replace Phoebe Cates role isn't a twat, that would be a deal breaker.



All I Want For Christmas Is:

Some Jeffery Campbell Night Walk shoes! (Google them)



About Me and My Latest Project:

Working on a pictorial spread for Bloodfeast Inc magazine this month to be in the re-release of the publication for January! Reallllllly excited that this horror inspired, Cleveland based zine is going to make a resurgence! I'm also about to start writing and filming for another horror flick with Kyle Severn and Kristoff Bates (Afterparty Massacre/ but I don't wanna drop the name just yet! but you guys can keep a lookout for more info on that right here:



Links: My facebook fan page!

Twitter: @HelloMsPoison

Instagram (where I post lots of BTS from shoots) @MsPrettyPoison