NerdRemix Horror Hottie  of the Month-August 2011


Melanie Robel









Hometown: I don't really have one.  As an Army brat, we moved around alot. I've lived in GermanyCalifornia, Kansas, Texas,  Alabama and Florida, so far.

Selected Filmography: I am working on La fleur de Mai, done two Astro Zombie films and Alien Vengeance. 


Fave Horror Film: Wait Until Dark and Rosemary's Baby

Fave Musician/Band: Tom Waits, Depeche Mode, and Morrissey

Inspires Me: My Acting Coach, Tom Waits, Clint Eastwood and Robert LaSardo.


Makes Me Smile: When I do an awesome job in acting class, daisy's and anything Hello Kitty.

Makes Me Want To Kill: When people mess with my family, waste my time, lie, unprofessionals who are ruining the Independent Film industry and those who mess with my money. 

My Horror Icon:
Linnea Quigley and Robert Englund.

I Would Re-Make: Wait Until Dark, and The Red Shoes

During the “Dog Days” of Summer you can find me___:  In my room watching movies, reading, or at the pool. 

About Me and My Latest Project: I am Tiffany Geary in La Fluer de Mai. An angry, confused, addicted teenager with too much money and too much drama in her life.

I was born at Fort Riley, Kansas, home to the Big Red Army.  I never wanted to be an actress, but grew up acting out movies with my sisters. We all went into music and played woodwinds. Focusing on the Bassoon, became a state ranking player in the state of Alabama, life was good.

  Then dad got a new job and we moved to Florida and a lesser styled band program. So, between punching an annoying red headed boy and making the band director cry, I was put in drama class as punishment. It was a lot of fun. I became part of a semi-professional dance company and was being trained to be a soloist with the Central Florida Ballet Company, with exciting future. During the opening performance of Dracula, my debut as a soloist, I was dropped by my partner during a lift. As a result of the injury, classical ballet was no longer an option.    

  I went to an acting open call, studied and went to LA, but between the red hair and miss-marketing, I decided that enough was enough. So, I came home, graduated from the Paul Mitchell The School, worked with the hair design team at some Premier Beauty Shows.  I decided to give acting one more try. Did a short film, Grieve, then another, For Nicole's Sake, which led to acting classes, more projects and I rediscovered my love of acting. Who knows what I will do next.




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