NerdRemix Horror Hottie of the Month-June 2011

April Monique Burril









Hometown: Born in Springfied, VT, but I'd consider Charlestown, NH the "hometown"… that's where my parents lived. Grew up in Delta, PA and Aberdeen, MD

Selected Filmography: Silver Scream, Chainsaw Sally, The Good Sisters, The Chainsaw Sally Show, Feast of Flesh, Post Mortem America 2021

Fave Horror Film: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Fave Musician/Band: tough choice… The Damned is a top pick… and Alice Cooper… and Alice In Chains…. and Devo.. and Led Zeppelin… and The Cramps…. and so on… and so on...

Inspires Me: art in every form as long as it's done with passion

Makes Me Smile: friends, family, and fans

Makes Me Want To Kill: anyone harming the things that make me smile!

My Horror Icon: the Sawyer Family: Leatherface, the Hitchhiker, the Cook, and Grampa!!

I Would Re-Make: excuse me? oh, i know you didn't just say "remake" in front of me…
real answer: nothing until the remake trend dies off. Ask me then.

I've got a drink in my hand, I've got my toes in the sand-all I need is____: a chainsaw!

About Me and My Latest Project:
We are starting filming on season 2 of The Chainsaw Sally Show. Fans of the first season will find more of everything… we will be continuing our trend of consistently turning up all the volume knobs: grittiness, character quality, viciousness, humor, good plots and (we all hope) overall film quality.
This season, I find a truly dire nemesis - another killer. One that's very good at his job. And IN MY TERRITORY, dammit! The extremely nosy cosmetic saleswoman / amateur detective Greta turns her sites on my gothy library assistant, Poe. And the Porterville Police - Zeke and Earl continue to be, well… Zeke and Earl. Ruby grows some new and even more disturbing habits as he "comes into manhood". Busy Bee's role as Sally's faithful pet deepens. Also, the luscious Debbie Rochon will be returning in her role from the Groundhog Day special - Blondie, the psychic prostitute - Chainsaw Sally's confidante and friend.
We film all summer and expect to air the first episodes this fall!!