horror hottie of the month-april 2011

Janet jay







Hometown: Cleveland. First generation born in the USA

Selected Filmography: Never Escape, Killer III,, Tarot Killer, Killer II, Abe's Tomb II,Tonight You Die, Post Mortem, How Bout Them Lamp?, Da Spooky Films Christmas Special, Teenage Axe Massacre, Creatures of the Night


Fave Horror Film: This is a tough one. It's really hard to choose, but one that really stands out is a late 70's flick called "Tourist Trap" It's a total mind fuck. Don't want to give out too much info, but it involves mannequins,and I've always had a weird fascination with them.I suggest you see it.
I also love Freddy, Leatherface, and Universal Monsters.

Fave Musician/Band: This is another tough question. I listen to everything except country. It really depends what mood I'm in. If I'm pissed I love blasting cradle of Filth or Arch Enemy. If I'm Happy, some techno anime J-pop mix, or Aqua. Aqua will put a manic depressive in a happy mood.

Inspires me: Lots of people, like Vampira, Wendy O Williams, Bela Lugosi, Jim Henson, the list could go on

Makes Me Smile: A "Boom stick" from "S" Mart, a Lawnmower, a chainsaw for a hand, and anything Old School Video Game related. Preferably Super Mario.

Makes Me Want To Kill: Douchy Hipsters who are trying to be cool and trendy and only follow the crowds. Just be yourself, why are you trying so hard to be something you're not?

My Horror Icon: Freddy and Leatherface, both fun and scary

I Would Re-Make: I really hate Remakes, but if I had to choose....naw can't do it. Sorry. not a fan of most remakes.

April showers better f*%king bring me some...: More gigs! Projects are fun to work on:)

About Me and My Latest Project: Tarot Killer by RAK films soon to be on DVD. From RAK
I played Selena, a hitman's accomplice. Several short films and a possible horrorhost online show in progress. Doing artwork for a tabletop card game for girls called "Pixie Defense Force". Game designed by Eric Wethington. On top of all that, various photo shoots for promotional use and local contests. I love to stay busy, and when I get free time I play video games, and watch anime and horror films on Netflix.
most of all, I love my friends anyone who has been helpful and supportive.


My site is up!