Hometown: Visalia, CA


Selected Filmography: cathartic, instant legend-in the ear (music video)


Fave Horror Film: Tough question, and there's no way I can just pick one! I am a huge William Castle fan, and would highly recommend "The Tingler" and "Mr. Sardonicus" to the retro-horror fans out there. I also am a big 80's horror nerd, and suggest picking up the Slumber Party Massacre trilogy, with my favorite being part 2 (what's not to love about a guy who looks like the lovechild of Andrew Dice Clay and an Elvis impersonator, killing off horny teenagers with a guitar with a drill on the end?!), as well as DEMONS and Night of the Creeps. I especially love Night of the Creeps because it takes place during the 1950's and 1980's. Plus, it has Tom Atkins in it, in case you're not already convinced. "THRILL ME!"


Fave Musician/Band: Another tough one! I listen to an array of genres, but it all stems back to classic rock 'n roll. I love everything from doowop and rockabilly, to jump blues, to 1980's rock 'n roll. I would have to say that one of the most inspiring musicians that I had the opportunity to see perform live was Ronnie James Dio. He had a consistently successful career in rock, starting from the beginning. He was in the doowop groups Ronnie D and the Redcaps and Ronnie Dio and The Prophets in the 1950's-60's, and in the late 1960's-70's, he went on to form the blues-rock band Elf. After Elf disbanded, he became part of the rock group Rainbow, and later replaced Ozzy in Black Sabbath, and continued with a solo career as Dio. Right up until his death, he was still performing with Black Sabbath, but as Heaven and Hell. I just think it's a pretty big accomplishment for someone to have an entire life of performing such an array of rock music, and be so successful doing it. His voice was so unique, yet versatile.


Inspires Me: William Castle. I love everything about his films, but I particularly love the theatrical gimmicks that he incorporated into the whole audience experience. I think it brought another dimension to what were considered low-budget, B-movies at the time, but are now revered as classics.


Makes Me Smile: I love animals, especially small dogs. I also love baking and cooking, and making art. Keep an eye out for the launch of my upcoming blog, The Homicidal Homemaker, which will teach others how to combine their horror lifestyle with home economics :)


Makes Me Want To Kill: Flaky/dishonest/selfish people, animal cruelty.


My Horror Icon: I love Elvira AND Vampira. I love the classic beauty that Vampira encompasses, and I love the sassy, sarcastic wit of Elvira.


I Would Re-Make: In an age of bad remakes, I think I'd just steer-clear of this! I'd rather try to do something fresh and original. Though that would be a tough feat to accomplish, I think anything is possible if you're creative and innovative enough.


This Spring I'm looking forward to: Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender #14, where Elvira will be hosting the Burlesque Competition, and will also be at the carshow with her Macabre Mobile, along with The Munsters Coach. Also, Creation Ent.'s Weekend of Horrors, where they will be celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Dario Argento's DEMONS.


About Me and My Latest Project: I recently filmed with Devanny Pinn for her directorial debut, cathARTic. I am also hard at work in preparation for my new blog, The Homicidal Homemaker, where I combine my love of the horror genre with my love of cooking, baking and crafts. Aside from that, I am coordinating a horror-calendar, working on scripts, and doing what I can to keep horror alive and well in Central CA. I still do free, monthly movie nights through Central Valley Horror Club, and am planning our city's second-annual Vampire Ball and third-annual Zombie Ball & Crawl, as well as performing with my horror-themed dance troupe, The Horror Dolls.