NerdRemix Horror Hottie of the Month-July, 2011



Seregon O’Dassey


Hometown: Allentown, PA


Selected Filmography: Scrooge in the Hood, Cleric, Cut, Witch's Brew, False Face, Ghostwatcher 2, and several others.


Fave Horror Film: IT by Stephen King. I like the psychological horror.


Fave Musician/Band: Goth music, Eisbrecher, Unheillig (German industrial), Depeche Mode, Bauhaus


Inspires Me: My mom, actors who really try hard and just keep plugging away...


Makes Me Smile: Movies like Labyrinth and Boondock Saints, red wine


Makes Me Want To Kill: Unprofessional people, people in the industry who lie and cheat other people.


My Horror Icon: Wes Craven, Stephen King


I Would Re-Make: Something I'm already remaking: The Devil's Nightmare by Dave Zagorski. The Devil’s Nightmare is a remake of Jean Brismee’s Belgian/Italian film from 1971 (not released in America until 1974)


This July 4th I'm declaring my independence from: Indie film.


About Me and My Latest Project: Right now I'm concentrating hard on raising the remaining funds needed to make the science fiction feature "Gilgamesh" by Richard Chandler of Boston Film Family (Boston, MA).

For more info check out the production company's fan page: