Its convention time again!!!


                Yes, it’s time for a new season of conventions dedicated to all of you horror/exploitation whack jobs out there! And, if you’re in the Mid West, like me, there are some really sweet options for the discerning fan in the next few months—behold!!



Motor city nightmares-novi, Michigan April 15-17



            I attended MCN last year, and let me say—it was a BLAST! It’s a smaller show, but extremely well organized and fan friendly, I was able to take pictures & video, lines were small to non-existent, and everything flowed well. The con was laid out in a way that you weren’t walking all over Hell looking for things and the vendor floor wasn’t crowded or cramped. Vendor prices were all pretty reasonable and, man, there was a variety of things to do and/or look at! I’m planning on attending this year and hope for more of the same!

Guests include: Dee Wallace, Kane Hodder, Tony Todd, Tom Savini, Danielle Harris, Tiffany Shepis, Monique Dupree and two of our favorites here at—April and JimmyO Burril!! Hope to see you all there!!



Horrorhound Weekend-indianapolis, in March 25-27



            HorrorHound magazine’s Indy show has a whole ton of great guests this month. I attended their show in Cincinnati last year and while they had a huge roster of A-list guests, I found the con, as whole, a very poorly run event. Huge crowds, a sprawling, incoherent layout, and unprofessional staff are among my main “bitches”. There were also HH staff at every turn warning me not to turn on my video cam! Add to that the fact that most of the indie filmmakers and horror hosts were relegated to what amounted to a back room. I’m not attending this con this year, but from what I hear, everyone else in the area is! Here’s hoping HH gets their shit together and puts on a killer show!

Guests include:

Cory Feldman

Sid Haig

Barbara Steele

Catriona MacColl

Jeffrey Combs

Ken Foree

Tom Atkins

And many, many others!! (including an 80’s Slasher reunion of sorts!)




Cinema wasteland-cleveland oh, April 1-3



            Heavy on the exploitation film guests, Cinema Wasteland’s April show looks to be shaping up to be yet another notch in the awesome show belt for Ken Kish and Co.

            I had the distinct pleasure of attending my first CW show last October and it was one of my best convention experiences!! These guys know how to run a show!! A+ on virtually everything! Great crowd control, small lines, great layout, fantastic (and accessible) guests, and TONS of vendors selling everything under the sun. This year’s show is featuring a “Cannibal Holocaust” reunion, some movie “tough guys”, the ladies of “Evil Dead” and a slew of new guests (as well as the usual CW suspects).

Guests include:

Ruggero Deodato

David Hess

Michael Berryman

William Forsythe

Tom Atkins



So, NerdRemix-ers, definitely check out one or all of these cons if you’re lurking around the Mid West this Spring! There’s something for everyone!!


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See you at a Con!!!