“Scream King” Tom Gleba


          After meeting the great & terrible Derek Huey on the old Fangoria message board, Tom began reviewing films for Derek’s crusty old site “BeyondNerds.com” which sucked musty, greasy, donkey anus. After a domestic dispute that resulted in many senseless casualties, Tom & Derek created the pillar of fucking awesome that is NerdRemix.com. Blasting the stereotype of the “normal” internet horror reviewer, Tom actually has a house, a wife, kids, and a job—no basement dwelling at his parent’s house, and he owns ZERO cats!!


          Besides random, drunken ramblings on NerdRemix Radio, Tom does the lion’s share of the film reviews on the site, interviews everybody who is willing, and handles the NerdRemix Horror Hottie of the Month feature! Gleba released his debut short film “Zombitch!” (featuring the irrepressible Derek Huey) on an unsuspecting world last year, and immediately anointed himself as a “Scream King”!! When he’s not worshipping at the altar of Debbie Rochon, Tom can be reached at: tom@nerdremix.com